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BeneStream is pleased to partner with ANCOR Services Corp. through its SRPN program and provide its members the only alternative for employers to satisfy the Employer Mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act by handling the enrollment of qualifying employees in Medicaid, rather than employer sponsored insurance. Identifying and enrolling qualifying low-income workers into Medicaid is a win-win solution for both employers and employees:

  • BeneStream costs a small fraction of what insurance costs when Medicaid eligible employees take the employer sponsored plan – every employee who is happy to keep their Medicaid instead of enrolling in the employer sponsored plan saves money that can be used in furtherance of your mission.

  • BeneStream eliminates the risk of fines for the employer and the employee who qualifies for Medicaid.

  • BeneStream helps employees access free, comprehensive coverage for themselves and their families, without deductibles or cost-sharing.

  • BeneStream costs employers much less than trying to provide Medicaid enrollment in house or on an ad hoc basis.

To learn more about what BeneStream has to offer ANCOR members, please contact us today.


"I worked with BeneStream to have my eligible employees enrolled into Medicaid... after the enrollment process, a number of our employees had a better health insurance outcome and our agency reduced costs without harming our workers."

Bob Bartles
Executive Director
Hope Haven Corp

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Diane Keefe
Director of Business Development