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Jerri McCandless

Mary Lou Dyer, Esq., Managing Director of MACSP The Maine Association for Community Services Providers  (MACSP) is retiring on December 30, 2016. She has nearly twenty-five years experience in interacting with the Maine Legislature.   Mary Lou has been at the helm of MACSP since 2004. MACSP is an association of nearly 70 organizations that provide supports and services to children and adults with development and other disabilities.

She started her career in health care as the director of legislative and regulatory affairs for the Maine Health Care Association. Mary Lou later became a partner in a law firm focusing on governmental relations, long term health care, etc. In 2000 she was appointed COO of the Maine Veterans Homes.     

Mary Lou related that she is most proud of the work she has done with families to support their organization: Community Connect. She is very pleased with the work MACSP has done with associations and other lobbying groups. She has been a very involved member of ANCOR and we will certainly miss her!

Mary Lou lives with her partner in Hallowell, ME. They also spend time out on Peaks Island in Cisco Bay, ME – accessible by ferry only.          


Marty Lampner, CPA, President Emeritus, former President/CEO of Chimes International, Baltimore MD is retiring at the end of the year. Formerly the Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Marty became President in 2010 and President and CEO in 2011.  He has been working with Chimes since 1989.  His wealth of experience has positioned Chimes as a leader in the industry with technology utilization. Prior to working with Chimes, he worked with the Associated Jewish Charities and the State of New York, Human Services Administration. He also worked as a child welfare worker and job placement counselor prior to receiving his CPA. Marty received his MBA at the University of Leicester in the UK in 2003.

Marty has been a dedicated volunteer for many years with ANCOR. He started out representing Maryland on the Board of Representatives, then served multiple terms on the ANCOR Board of Directors. He also served as one of the co-chairs on the ANCOR Government Relations Committee. Marty was also active on other ANCOR committees over the years such as marketing , futuring and research,  along with service on many taskforces and leadership on ANCOR’s National Advocacy Campaign. Marty is a receipt of an ANCOR Foundation Legacy Leaders Award. He also served on the Maryland Disabilities Council.

When asked what was the most important thing he would miss when he leaves Chimes, Marty stated interacting with the people served by Chimes - he developed so many good friendships over the years, many that he has known since he first began his career at Chimes.

He and his family will retire to the eastern shore of Maryland. Marty has started a luthierie (building and repairing stringed musical instruments) business and will continue with that. He also has some other plans in the works. ANCOR friends, look him up if you get to the Eastern Shore!


Donna Werner, Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Mosaic (headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska), is retiring in late December. Donna began her career in advocacy by working as a staff member for the Illinois General Assembly's Commission on the Status of Women. Donna then turned her advocacy to people with disabilities and accepted a position managing a developmental training program for adults who were returning to their home communities from state institutions. In 1989 Donna accepted a Training and Quality Assurance Coordinator position with Mosaic's (then Bethphage) Midwest Region. She was active in IARF (Indiana state provider association) and a frequent trainer and presenter at their state conferences.

She became interested in International work in 1990 when finishing her Master's Degree which culminated in a 9 week practicum in England and Ireland working with children who had autism. Building on relationships she developed in the United Kingdom, Donna responded to an RFP for services from the Shropshire Health Authority in the midlands of England, and founded Bethphage UK to provide these services. Donna served as Bethphage UK's first CEO, until the position could be handed over to a local citizen. Bethphage is now a free standing British Charity and Donna serves on the Board of Trustees. 

For the last 15 years Donna has served as the conveyor and facilitator of IMPACT, a multi-national alliance committed to international advocacy. Through IMPACT and Mosaic's international program, she has provided training, technical assistance, and program evaluation services to projects in: Latvia, India, Romania, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ukraine.

Donna has been active in ANCOR for quite some time, including serving two, three-year terms on the ANCOR Board of Directors and just scrolling off in October, 2016.   

Donna retires from Mosaic as Senior Vice President of Advocacy after serving in a number of roles over the past 27 years. She plans to stay active in retirement by working on special assignments and on temporary grant funded projects.


ANCOR members at the executive level are encouraged to contact Jerri McCandless ([email protected]) about their comings and goings.