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New Pharmacy Interface for Directly Linking Pharmacy Messages to Individuals

Stephen Flanigan, Assistant Director, Strategic Initiatives, Therap Services

Therap’s pharmacy interface allows for the direct information exchange between provider agencies and the pharmacies that they work with to receive updated medication and demographic information of individuals. With the pharmacy interface module, individuals in the pharmacy system are linked to individuals within Therap to receive pharmacy messages. Once linked, agencies will be able to see information including when new medications are sent from the doctor's office, changes to orders and hold placements are made. Pharmacy messages can then be used to update an individual's medication schedule and translates onto Medication Administration Records within Therap.

While messages and information are received directly from pharmacies, there is flexibility as to how the information is managed and recorded within Therap. The pharmacy interface integrates with the following features within the system:

Medication History

The Medication History tool allows RNs and LPNs to keep record of medications and update the medication information according to the received pharmacy messages. Medication History includes detailed information on side effects, drug-allergy reactions and drug-drug interactions. Multiple schedules for the same medication may be added, with each schedule having its own begin and end date/times, frequency, or PRN notation for instance.  Scheduled and past and/or future schedules on the MAR are viewable if there is a medication or treatment scheduled for the current month. With the Medication History tool directly pulling data from the pharmacy interface, nurses have the necessary information to avoid or minimize medication transcription errors.

Medication Administration Records

The Medication Administration Records (MAR) tool effectively and easily tracks medications administered to an individual.  With Therap’s MAR, users schedule and add comments to medications and treatment records, can export MAR reports with current medications and treatments on familiar monthly grids. The MAR includes full reference data, features simple-click sign-off and additional details for any entry.  Details from the pharmacy interface including details, comments and schedule populate the MAR.

Drug Database

Therap’s MAR is integrated with industry standard drug database First Databank (FDB). This gives every MAR user single-click reference to drug details, side effects, label and off-label information, reducing medication errors, giving instant information to clinical decision making for individual care.


MAR mobile app for Android devices is also available for quick access and entry of records in home and community settings and other LTSS locations.  Medications from the pharmacy interface are approved within the system and once approved, populate the mobile MAR app as they do the main system.


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